Orphans of Ghana

CHI  has been working in Ghana since 2000.  For several years we had an orphanage which grew to 89 children, with an adjacent school for the orphans. But, regrettably it was recently closed due to lack of funding.  However, we still sponsor some of the children in boarding school as well as other consultants who work in the poultry field. The container filled with supplies we sent this year was an enormous help to those we support in the field. We continue to send support for the following initiatives:

  • – Micro-finance programs for women in rural communities
  • – Village well drilling followed by sanitation and hygiene training
  • – Small Medical clinics for the villages
  • – Increasing access to information and markets for remote villages
  • – Providing computers for schools

We continue to provide support for orphans through a sponsorship program which provides for the various situations of the orphans. There are many orphans who have lost both parents and are completely abandoned and need the role model and support of a home environment. There are other children who may have one parent living, other family members or neighbors who are willing and able to provide housing. But often they can not provide food or clothing. These children can be supported in a boarding school which would provide an excellent education and three meals a day in a loving environment.

Sponsors are able to provide support for one or more orphans, which includes all their housing, food, clothes, educational needs and vocational training. The cost to sponsor a child at the orphanage is $45.00 per month.

Higher Education


We provide scholarships for orphans outside the orphanage as well. Some students attend a local boarding school, others attend a vocational school and some are enrolled are the University of Ghana, Legon. We have hundreds of children who are waiting in line for scholarship assistance to local boarding schools and vocational schools. The cost of sponsoring a student to attend the school of their choice varies on the school. Most grade school sponsorships are approximately $50.00 per month depending upon a number of variables including tuition, books, dues, travel expense and the cost of their living expenses.

​Many students at a university level can be sponsored for $80.00/month. A Bible college student can be sponsored for $110.00/month depending on the cost of room and board. A student can attend an accredited computer training school for as little as $50/month.