Our Mission​

Children’s Hope International, Inc. is a non-profit, non-governmental 501(c)3 international organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for marginalized women and children throughout Africa. We strive to strengthen families by providing food, clothing, housing, medical supplies, educational training, vocational training and sustainable enterprises. Our goal is to help women and children become self sufficient contributors to the world economy empowered by new technologies and opportunities.  CHI provides support to widows and orphans regardless of race, religion, creed or national origin.

Main areas of Focus​


Children’s Hope International works in the poor, remote villages throughout West Africa.  Our primary goal is to help women and children by providing clean water, sanitization, hygiene training, school supplies and sustainable agricultural programs.  We partner with agencies and other non-profit organizations, public and private sector schools, private corporations and individuals to achieve our common goal for these areas.

Hope for the Future​

We believe in harnessing technologies and resources that can create projects that will improve the quality of life for women and children.  We seek to partner with organizations that will offer technologies that can provide job training and job opportunities which will help women and children become self sufficient contributors to the world economy.  We promote a variety of educational programs that teach women and children work skills that can provide income and support for their families. Children’s Hope International Inc. is committed to the following principles:

  • – We are committed to working with national, regional and local governments in a cooperative manner.
  • – We believe in the preservation of local cultures and conservation of all natural resources.
  • – We believe in the use of natural pesticide and herbicides in agricultural projects thus preserving the land.
  • – We are committed to restoring land which is over-utilized from de-forestation.
  • ​- We are committed to providing clean, safe drinking water to those who lack these resources.