Dairy Project

The Dairy Cow Milking Project addressed the problems created by the scarcity of calcium, protein and other nutrients required to build healthy strong bodies and minds in Ghanaian children.  Lack of these nutritional “building blocks” result in newly weaned toddlers that suffer a from a protein deficiency disease call “Kwashiorkor,” which simply means  “disease of a weaned child”.

​The project was an extensive agricultural undertaking that extended beyond dairy husbandry to include honey bee farming, candle making, beef cattle raising as well as many surface crops that are both consumed in the planned unit development (PUD) and sold at market. The project relied on the assistance of experts in agriculture, engineers and local veterinarians in Ghana. The project continued to develop and eventually included a comprehensive Goat Project is also planned to include  raising  goats for meat, milk, cheese, and  producing other dairy products.