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Dairy Project

The Dairy Cow Milking Project addressed the problems created by the scarcity of calcium, protein and other nutrients required to build healthy strong bodies and minds in Ghanaian children.  Lack of these nutritional “building blocks” result in newly weaned toddlers that suffer a from a protein deficiency disease call “Kwashiorkor,” which simply means  “disease of […]

Boarding School & Vocational Programs

The boarding school was set up to provide living quarters for children who may have a home but can not afford the cost of attending school.  The dormitories, which provide the boarding school living quarters, consists of two buildings; one for boys and one for girls.  House parents for the dormitories also live there.  There […]

Pud Housing

A Safe Place for People to​ Learn and Live The objective was to build a premier living environment consisting of a multi-building campus, which provides for the needs of the residents. This community is called a Planned Unit Development (PUD). This facility provides housing for nearly 500 students. Housing for 100 orphaned children consists of 12-ranch style, […]

Commercial Projects

A fish hatchery primarily consisting of Tilapia (Cherry Fish) is used within the PUD or flash frozen for sale locally. Tilapia is a favorite fish of the Ghanaian people.  They are easy to raise and provide a great source of protein and other nutrients. An adjacent commercial bakery provides fresh baked breads to the PUD as well […]

Construction Projects

Proven construction technology and expertise has already been made available to us to build affordable, highest quality (R-50), “hurricane proof” cement homes, schools, offices or other buildings throughout Ghana.  In addition to providing young people the opportunity to learn the business and work within the industry, ability to use and learn carpentry skills is a […]

Enviromental Projects

CHI has access to affordable technology to replenish and reclaim over forestation and abandoned land thereby establishing a professionally managed, teak farm which will replenish the natural indigenous trees to the forest. This reforestation prevents valuable topsoil erosion. The favorable oxygenation generated by teak trees actually is measurable and provides valuable “ Ozone credits” which […]