About Us

CHI is strongly committed to effecting the positive change needed within any areas we serve through preservation of local cultures, the worth of the individual person and strengthening of the family unit. This goal can only be accomplished by providing support and empowerment one day and one person at a time. We believe that people are a nation’s greatest natural resource.

CHI works in the poorest, remote villages throughout West Africa, a region greatly impacted by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Since 2000, CHI has been spreading hope to the region by providing shelter for orphans, developing sustainable micro enterprises and supporting women and children living in poverty to receive vocational training, receive good education, and generate income to become self-sufficient. Our donors, partners, sponsors and friends are located in various parts of the world.


Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Paris, France
Fort-de-France, Martinique
Accra, Ghana
Yaounde, Cameroon